The dream to have ones own product on the market. Designers *Mike Davis and *Mark Ital have with the Devign Globe realised this dream.
On a business trip they both read an article featured in the Lufthansa In-flight magazine about the Columbus Verlag in Sigmaringen, South Germany. As world market leader they produce many different globes. Both designers were globe owners and enjoyed the informative and communication rich nature of the product. However this information was not presented in the desired style.
Their idea was to develop a hybrid lifestyle-globe-light which, due to its understatement style, would fit to all environments and whose lighting tones could be modified to fit a specific scenario.
During the long flight from Germany to Hong Kong it was decided that on their return to Germany they would visit the Columbus Verlag and together they would develop their own globe. The Devign Globe.

*Since 2006 both work for the Design Office RED in Stuttgart.